• Image of Green Green Army Animals 2 - Complete Set of 6pcs.

The follow-up series to the successful Green Green Army 1 set (and subsequent Fat Green Army Men Series), Series 2 adds 6 new animals to the Green Green army. Released as Gashapon (Capsule Toys) in vending machines in Japan, making them difficult to collect in sets.

Rhino: By far the largest member to date, he sports a 50cal. Machine Gun with Tripod, Ammo Box, Rucksack, etc.

Giant Panda: Equipped with goggles, a Carbine rifle, Pots and Pans, and Rucksack.

Chimpanzee: Seated, He comes with a Tool Belt, Ditch Shovel, Assault Rifle, Rucksack, Ammo Box, Banana, and Hat.

Sea Eagle: Includes stand for easy display, Flight Helmet, Flight Jacket, Parachute, and Bomb, and is posed in-flight.

European Mink: Field medic with Medic Box, Pack & Belt.

Chinchilla: 2 figures in 1! This pair carries 1 half of a mortar & tripod, respectively, and their bases can be separated, or combined! Also includes a Land-Mine, and 1 Mortar Round.

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