Brainchild of Michael 'Bubo' Reilly, and Jesse 'Robot Ghost' Livingston, Play Dead Toys is our outlet for creative toy making. We have been enamored by toys since our childhood (growing up in the 80's & 90's it was hard not to be).

In the past decade we've been making our dreams of being toy makers a reality. It began with creating 'customized' toys, using designer art toys, then sculpting and painting our own designs over them. About 8 years ago we began learning mold making, and resin casting, and the finer art of turning an idea into a tangible object.

We enjoy crafting with our hands, and enjoy seeing the imperfectness of something made from wood or wax or clay, instead of computer generated and printed models. Each of our toys has a real-world character and handmade feel to them, texture being one of top priorities during the design of each toy - it has to feel right in your hands. Our toys are not just meant to be placed on a shelf, but held & admired for their shape, weight, uniqueness.

We hope our creations bring a smile to fellow collectors and art toys lovers, and that we might enjoy enough success to keep our endeavor alive.

All our best,

Michael & Jesse 

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